I have a MacBook Air 7,2. My friend installed something called Jamf on it. Now I can't access most of my applications. My son said he couldn't force quit it so I'm thinking it must be some kind of virus.

The IT man managed to get it up on Activity Monitor, but when he tried to force quit it, it just reopened and when he tried to uninstall it with terminal it just blocked terminal.

Any help that could be offered would be appreciated because otherwise, I may need to just throw out the MacBook and buy a new one.

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    With friends like that, who needs enemies... – Solar Mike Jan 4 at 7:09

Jamf is a device management solution. It enables remote control and management of the configured device.

Due to the nature of the software, it can restrict users of the machine (even the admin users) from performing certain administrative operations (depending on the applied configuration). It is thus obvious that the end-users cannot uninstall and/or quit the Jamf app.

Jamf is one of the well-known among many remote/mobile device management solutions, generally used in enterprise/school environment to centrally manage a large number of mobile devices (laptops/tablets/phones). Jamf is absolutely not a virus, nor is it a ransomware.

You can learn more about Jamf product offerings here:

There is absolutely no reason to throw away your MacBook. I'd advise you to get in touch with your friend and ask him for the reason why it was installed in first place. You can also ask to remove it, if it was installed in accident, or just out of curiosity.

A mobile device management solution is generally not required for personal devices.

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    +1 for asking your "friend" why they installed it. – Mark Jan 4 at 13:27

The tool is every bit as @Nimesh said. I would like to add some extra tips:

  1. Don't throw away your laptop. Instead backup your documents, photos and other important data. Erase your laptop and clean reinstall it;

  2. Don't give your account password to anyone. If they need it to perform some special task, enter it yourself;

  3. Create Guest Accounts for such occasions.

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