I installed Wine to open an .exe file on my Mac. I think I did something wrong and when I opened the file it installed to the Applications folder. Now, It doesn't let me force quit. I tried clicking "Force Quit" from the Apple menu and it didn't work. Now I can't turn my Mac off.

How can I force quit the Windows application running under Wine on my Mac?

  • If you want to force your Mac to turn off, hold the power button until it shuts off (about 10 seconds) – NoahL Mar 31 '17 at 0:42
  • @Noah That's far too drastic of a measure for something like this. – grg Mar 31 '17 at 11:48

Use Terminal to kill the Wine process.

From the Wine FAQ

10.2 Crashes and Freezes

10.2.1 My program froze up, how do I close it?

If you ran the program from a terminal window by typing wine program.exe, you can usually just go back to that terminal window and press Ctrl+C. If you ran the application some other way, such as from a launcher shortcut, then you can open up a terminal and forcibly kill the process:

killall -9 Application.exe

If you want to kill all Wine programs at once, you can run:

wineserver -k 

You can also open up a Wine version of the Windows task manager by running wine taskmgr in a terminal. This will allow you to kill individual Wine processes.


You can also open your activity monitor and kill it from there.

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If the traditional methods do not work, such as:

  • Force quit from the app icon menu in the Dock
  • Force quit from the apple menu
  • Force quit from Alt + Command + Esc menu
  • Finding the app and quitting it from the Activity monitor
  • And you do not want to use the hard cold reboot by pressing and holding the Power button

You could try rebooting from the Terminal window and enter:

sudo reboot

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