I've installed a new primary SSD drive on my mac, now I'm trying to download a few apps that I've already installed on my previous HD, but app store keeps saying they're already installed. But they are not.

Is there a way to tell Apple's App Store that these apps are not installed?

I've already tried the solution on the thread: App Store thinks apps are installed, but no success.

My old HD is still connected to my MBP, but as slave. If you guys need further info, just ask.

  • What happens if you disconnect the old HD? – Gilby Mar 6 '13 at 1:43

Just fixed it. Sorry for the noise, guys.

This thread fixed it: https://superuser.com/questions/437708/how-to-re-install-an-app-that-shows-up-in-the-appstore-as-update-instead-of-b#answer-439700


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If you have connected your old hard drive to your Mac, your Mac still sees the programs on the external hard drive and knows that they are still installed. You have a couple of options:

  • Delete the Mac App Store apps from your external drive and then re-download the apps to your new SSD.
  • Drop the apps from your external hard drive onto your new SSD, placing them in the Applications folder.
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