I installed Microsoft Teams on my iPhone because I need it for work. But now when I click a Favorite in the Phone app so I can call someone, the default in the list for making an audio call or a video call is Teams. I have to click the tiny drop-down button to select mobile for calls or FaceTime for video calls. Is there a way to move Teams down the list so I can default to regular phone calls and FaceTime for video calls?

Also from any Contact screen, clicking Video to make a video call defaults to Teams at the top of the list.

Not jail-broken. iPhone 8. iOS 13.4.1

  • have you searched for relevant settings in Settings app ? – anki Apr 30 at 19:18
  • There is no option to do this currently. Apple might offer a default settings option in iOS 14. – Todd Apr 30 at 19:24
  • ankii, Yes, didn't see anything promising. Todd, thanks. – Tenfour04 Apr 30 at 19:28

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