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Trackpad handwriting does not work

On my MBP M1, handwriting input options work as designed all the way until it comes to actually drawing strokes. At that point, nothing shows up: it’s a blank “Handwriting” mini-window and nothing ...
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Does handwriting recognition require mobile data?

I gather that scribble now allows handwriting recognition in any iOS app. Does it require mobile data or is everything on-device? (I do not yet have an Apple Pencil so cannot test this for myself)
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Train Apple Pencil / Scribble to recognize names and other proper nouns

Is it possible to train Apple Pencil / Scribble to recognize names and other proper nouns, in any app? I've tried both Notes and Pages, and the handwriting recognition seems pretty good for basic ...
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Mac app similar to Scribble feature in iPadOS

I want to use a graphic tablet (for example from Wacom) to navigate through my Mac as alternative to a mouse or trackpad. It would be amazing if I could also use it to replace my keyboard for writing. ...
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Hand-writing annotations on Keynote or PDF slides

For teaching purposes I would like to be able to handwrite on slides as I give a presentation, ideally with a Wacom graphics tablet which I already own commented to my Mac running Big Sur 11.4. ...
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Ipad with apple pencil write anywhere, not writing anywhere

A new iPad iOS14 and an Apple pencil I hare recently acquired an iPad from work. In has iOS 14 and an apple pencil. I iOS 14 says that I can use the pencil as a keyboard (text input device) anywhere. ...
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What is the current status of handwriting recognition on the iPad with an air pencil or stylus

Ideally I want to be able to use my ipad as a clipboard running google sheets to do inventory entry. So I'm looking for a general purpose stylus to text converter. Seems strange that Palm got this ...
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Strokes is getting deleted while writing

When I’m writting with a stylus while keeping my hand on my iPad 6th gen ios 12.1.4, some of the strokes keeps dissapearing My attempt to resolve I found solution online suggesting me to turn off ...
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Writing tablet compatible with Mac

I need to write mathematics, but I would like to avoid Latex for quick notes that I wish to send to colleagues. So I would like to have somewhere to write with some sort of pen, in such a way that ...
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Video call and share writing

This summer, I will be having meetings with my Ph.D. advisor, and since he's traveling, we'll be meeting via Skype or FaceTime. Since we are working on mathematics, we need a way to see each other's ...
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How to share/broadcast the screen of the iPad to a distant computer?

I want to write on my iPad and that a distant user (in a another city) can see (in live) what I write on my iPad. Is it possible? I might use the app Nebo to write. So I was thinking: is it possible ...
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Are there iPad handwriting apps that allow you to insert space between lines?

I prefer to take notes and design code by hand. There are several good apps (Penultimate, Readability, Noteshelf, etc.), but they all seem to lack something I really wish they had: the ability to add ...
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how can I write on my screen using terminal?

How can I write on my computer screen or open an application like notes and write on it from Terminal?? I can open up notes or any other app/document.
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Hand note with an iPad: usability and handling

For my professional activities, I have to take a lot of hand notes during meeetings with customers. I have to reprocess the notes afterward into protocol or minutes and most of the time my notes not ...
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Math via Skype on a Mac?

I find myself needing to explain math via Skype (to nephews, nieces in high-school or college, etc.) with increasing frequency, enough so that the clumsy approach of holding a pad of paper up to the ...
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iPad PDF reader app with seamless handwritting annotation experience

I am looking for an iPad app (Android app references will also be considered useful) which allows reading PDF files and annotating them with a stylus, resembling the experience I would have with a pen ...
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How do I enable Handwrite on the Google Search app for iOS?

I figured how to enable the Google Handwrite feature from Safari (Browse to and enable handwrite), but cant seem to find a way to do the same in the Google Search App for iOS. ...
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Is there a free command line program for converting PDF files to SVG?

Once upon a time I used Corel Draw to edit vector graphics. Now I'm looking at using Sketch. I previously converted all my old CDR files to PDF but Sketch doesn't seem to like to open PDFs containing ...
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Editor/outliner with Newton-style handwriting input on iPod touch

Is there a text editor for the iPod Touch that fills the function of the visionary-but-before-its-time Notes application on the legendary Apple Newton? Specifically, looking for something that accepts ...
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