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Questions tagged [stylus]

A stylus is an input tool used with many touch screen devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It is shaped like a pen, but often has a special material at its tip to conduct electricity.

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Apple Pencil only mode?

Is there any way to make the iPad or an iPad app work exclusively with the Apple Pencil and not recognize touch? My issue is with notability specifically, I basically use the iPad for note-taking and &...
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Highlighting text in OneNote on an iPad with Apple Pencil

I’m trying to highlight typed text on my iPad in OneNote with an Apple Pencil. I am able to do this with the highlighter option on the Draw tab, but the highlights are ink. If I insert a line of text ...
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What stylii will work with a 1st gen iPad mini?

I have a 1st gen iPad mini A1454 running iOS 9.3.6 and I would like to know what my options are when choosing a stylus. I know that Apple Pencil and compatible products will definitely not work, but ...
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Can I pair both a logitec Crayon and a Brydge keyboard with my ipad (6th gen) at the same time?

Given my ability to lose pens, I want to use as cheap a stylus as possible with my ipad. Most of the alternatives use bluetooth, as does the Brydge keyboard. Can I use both at once, or do I have find ...
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Strokes is getting deleted while writing

When I’m writting with a stylus while keeping my hand on my iPad 6th gen ios 12.1.4, some of the strokes keeps dissapearing My attempt to resolve I found solution online suggesting me to turn off ...
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What stylus is good for taking notes and writing equation

I frequently need to take notes and write equations. I never draw any thing other than graphs, diagrams, etc.. like board works. I am not a painter. I bought an Adobe Ink for my iPad (not iPad pro). ...
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Would a bluetooth stylus guarantee that I can rest my hand on iPad?

I'm a student who rely on taking note on iPad. It's so convenient. My current stylus doesn't have bluetooth feature so I have to search for app that has hand resting feature. However, I also want to ...
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Is there open source or free software to use my touchpad as absolute touch?

I'm running OS X Yosemite, and don't want to spend money on a Wacom tablet. Is there free software or code that can disable the acceleration of the touchpad so I can write effectively with a stylus?
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2 answers

Is it possible to put in consitently readable notes with a stylus on an iPad

I have an iPad and I'd lovely to be able to use it for brainstorming and proper, detailed annotation of PDFs, but I find my attempts look like a child's fingerpainting: (The word I attempted to ...
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Is it safe to use styluses with iPads?

I know my question sounds stupid but I can't imagine scratching my iPad mini screen! I have iPad mini (Retina Display) and I'm considering getting Applydea Maglus stylus. But is it safe to use ...
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Are there iPad handwriting apps that allow you to insert space between lines?

I prefer to take notes and design code by hand. There are several good apps (Penultimate, Readability, Noteshelf, etc.), but they all seem to lack something I really wish they had: the ability to add ...
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Rubberized stylus, not moving smooth on iPad glass, any tricks?

I have a Targus stylus for my iPad, with a rubber tip. This tip, however, does not move smoothly over the glass on the iPad, but seems to have too high friction. It didn't have this when I bought it, ...
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Is it productive to use a Stylus with the iPad?

My son loves drawing comics. He wants to do it now on my iPad 3. Does anyone have experience with using a Stylus for such an activity? Does it make sense or will it be an exercise in futility? I'...
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Screen Sensitivity of the retina display iPad (3rd generation). Is it better than before?

Does the new iPad support higher resolution tapping, or just more pixels for display. Stylii and the existing iPad feel like writing with a big marker on a big index card. Will the new iPad feel more ...
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2 answers

Is there such a thing as a iPad stylus with a (relatively) fine and hard nib?

I use the Griffin stylus and although it does the job well enough it's a long way removed from using a pen on a tablet - I find the soft nib makes it difficult to write accurately. The other pens I've ...
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Is my iPad not accurate enough or is it the stylus?

I made some capacitive styli with my brother, following this video on Cnet. I tried using it with the Wacom notebook app, and the handwriting is a teensy bit too large to work as well as a real live ...
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