I often want to share links in Safari via Mail. I usually share (button next to the address bar) and click on Mail and send it to the person of my choice.

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But, since I updated to iPadOS 16 (December 2022), it doesn't work anymore from out-of-Mail. I mean that when I try to send mail from any other app than Mail by sharing, it does show the send options (as if drafting a normal email), everything seems to work fine, I compose, I send. But the email never gets sent! I checked in my "Sent" mailbox, where the emails I've sent normally go to, but the one I've tried sending isn't there, even an hour after.

When I send the same email (same email/person/sender/subject...) from Mail app, it works just fine, I just have to wait for about 10-20 seconds to get the email to be loaded in the "Sent" mailbox.

How to make me able to send email from any app again?

Note : I am on iPad 6th generation running iPadOS 16.2

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Disable Undo Send Delay

This is a weird behavior for Mail on iPad. The only way I've found to avoid having this problem is to diable Undo Send Delay, a new feature that came with iPadOS 16 that made you able to retract a sent email (so obviously not sent yet) to avoid accidental sending, in Settings :

  1. Open Settings app
  2. Navigate to "Mail"
  3. At the bottom of the menu, under "Signature", click on "Undo Send Delay".
  4. Click on "Off"

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For an unknown reason, the Undo Send Delay makes sending from other apps impossible. It is normal you have to wait 10-20 seconds because the Undo Send Delay was parametered by default to be 10s.

This works for me, I can now send anything I want from another app by clicking on Share.

Good luck!

  • That seems an oddly specific and completely unrelated setting. I use three different mail clients and cannot replicate your issue even with the Send Delay set to 20 seconds.
    – Allan
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 17:53
  • @Allan Are you on iPad? And are you using the Share button (next to the address bar in Safari or long-press on a file and share in Files for ex.)? Also, my friends were experiencing the same problem as I did (same iPad and same OS update).
    – Thinkr
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 17:56
  • Yes. iPad 6th gen. Though that would have no bearing on the issue. It’s likely your other mail clients also have a send delay configured. Can you share using messages?
    – Allan
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 18:10
  • Hm. This is indeed weird @Allan . Are you using an iCloud account for Mail? If not what are you using? I can use messages for sharing but there's no send delay there I think.
    – Thinkr
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 18:12
  • All of that is irrelevant. Mail delay is a client setting
    – Allan
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 18:13

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