On Mountain Lion's Mail, I am having a problem with the messages I send to a particular coworker from my work account not appearing in the Sent mailbox.

  • The messages are going through. (I got her to Fwd: the important one back to me.)
  • Messages I sent to my other accounts, even from that account, are correctly appearing in Sent.
  • Messages I send from another address (even using the same SMTP server) are appearing in Sent.

Things I've tried so far:

  1. Connection Doctor. It shows no issues.
  2. Deleting + recreating the account.
  3. Rebuilding the mailbox.
  4. I'm familiar with Use This Mailbox For > and it is not a factor here.

Any ideas?

  • A coworker has suggested this may just be a hosting glitch. The symptoms seemed unlikely, but IMAP does seem… complicated. (I believe SMTP is used to send, but IMAP is used to put the message in Sent.) – Steven Fisher Aug 15 '12 at 5:15

This appears to have been a hiccup on the SMTP server.

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