I am looking for a convenient method to navigate safari (mainly clicking links) using keyboard only. I'm already familiar with the Tab key (or opt + Tab), but I noticed that in Chrome and Firefox you can ctrl+F, type the text of the like you with to click, after highlighting the link, you can click esc (the link keeps being highlighted) and press return to navigate the URL.

Is there a way to configure this in Safari? or any other way of being able to click links?

The problem of the Tab option is that many times it requires clicking on it many many times until getting to the desired link.

  • It works for bing, on safari. I can get to the the word "Apple (<country>)" by cmd + f and then hit enter
    – anki
    Oct 9, 2020 at 17:27

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Using Vimari (Safari extension - link below) one can press f then all links on the page are assigned by letters which you can use to access each. This is very convenient and can save a lot of mouse time.

This extension provides other vim style keybindings that I found really useful (page scrolling, tabs navigation and focusing on input fields)

Vimari GitHub page

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