Whenever I click on a video, or really any link at all on youtube nothing happens. To follow a link I've been right clicking->open in new tab. I think this is being caused by some sort of inconsistency with what javascript libraries are installed and what youtube expects me to have. I'm running safari 12.1.2. The issue seems to stem from an uncaught error in the 'onYtNavigate_()' function. I've pasted the console output below. Any suggestions? I'd like to be able to click youtube videos again haha.

[Error] TypeError: b.getDebugString is not a function. (In 'b.getDebugString()', 'b.getDebugString' is undefined)
    onYtNavigate_ (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:20896:298)
    (anonymous function) (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:8578)
    Bb (webcomponents-hi-sd.js:76:366)
    dispatchEvent (webcomponents-hi-sd.js:144:259)
    fire (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:9134:238)
    onEndpointTap_ (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:12129:178)
    (anonymous function) (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:8578)
    Bb (webcomponents-hi-sd.js:76:366)
    dispatchEvent (webcomponents-hi-sd.js:144:259)
    _fire$$module$third_party$javascript$polymer$v2$polymer$lib$utils$gestures (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:8830:177)
    OFa (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:8854:355)
    click (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:8851)
    _handleNative$$module$third_party$javascript$polymer$v2$polymer$lib$utils$gestures (desktop_polymer_inlined_html_polymer_flags.js:8819:208)
  • Did you log out/restart your Mac? If so, does the problem still persist? Can you access YouTube with other browsers? If so, you may want to try reinstalling Safari, by reinstalling macOS. – karolus Jan 29 at 4:19
  • A safari update and computer restart did nothing to fix the problem. Google chrome does not seem to have the same problem. – Awalrod Jan 29 at 4:24
  • Do you have any Safari Extensions installed? – Ezekiel Elin Jan 29 at 4:42
  • I had an issue clicking onto video links from youtube search/main page, but not links to external sites. This issue was caused by an ad-blocker extension I had running. Could this be something that's affecting you? – AVelj Jan 29 at 5:11
  • @AVelj thanks after disabling my Adblock extension the youtube video links began working again. Now I have to figure out how to make it work without disabling it... – Awalrod Jan 31 at 2:36



It worked for me

  • YouTube doesn't use Java, how does this resolve the issue? – grg Jan 29 at 21:38
  • of course he uses it...read the question – JAVV9512 Jan 31 at 0:20
  • The programming language in question is javascript, not java. Updating my java install install then restarting my browser did not fix the issue. – Awalrod Jan 31 at 2:32

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