I want my Touch Bar to have:

  • Esc

  • F1-F12

  • Toggle Mute

  • Volume Slider

  • Screen-Brightness Slider

I don't care if the buttons have to be squished to achieve this. I know you can do some customization through System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard, but it doesn't give you much fine control. Is there another interface or maybe even a config file one can use to hyper customize the Touch Bar?


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The following options should get your job done

My TouchBar My Rules

Source is on GitHub. This Youtube video explains it's functionality

Pros: Free and Open Source, More customizations to touch bar than the next option, Adding Custom gestures (Instructions) - It's pretty easy to add custom functionality, All the functions you mentioned: Esc, F1-F12, Toggle Mute, Volume Slider, Screen-Brightness Slider are all there as default presets \

Cons: I had a hard time installing it but type this open -e ~/Library/Application\ Support/MTMR/items.json in the terminal and then you should be good, My friends complain it's buggy in Big Sur but I haven't upgraded yet so no opinions on that.


Pros: Completly customize the touch bar just like the above app, Wide range of gesture controls for Apple peripheral such as Magic Mouse and Keyboard, Big Sur Native Compatibility.

Cons: It's paid 😒, Text Triggers are quite buggy.

I use BetterTouchTool cause it has more customizations for the Magic Mouse and Keyboard but for your requirements, MTMR should do the job in flying colors.


MTMR , it's free but it does need some editing to get it fully customized

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