I have 2 screens. On the left screen(A) I have an app in fullscreen mode (as example: iTerm). If it try to move an application(as example: Chrome) from the right screen(B) to the left screen(A), it isn't possible, because I am blockt. I have first switch on the left screen(A) to the virtual-desktop window and only then I am able to move the application window via drag and drop from the right screen(B) to the left screen(A)

Is there a way to automatically switch to the virtual-desktop, when I move an app(as example: Chrome) from one screen(B) to screen(A)?

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Not sure whether this fully satisfies your request -
invoke Mission Control first (default key command Ctrl ⌃ ), before dragging, then you can send your window anywhere…

enter image description here

Demo using just one display, to save space.

  • thank you. this make it a bit easier, on the other hand it have to think about it before I grab the window with my mouse. I though there is maybe an option to automatically switch to the virtual-desktop, but I understand that it could more difficult to implement because there can be multiple virtual-desktops on the screen.
    – Kalle
    Commented Apr 26, 2023 at 6:14

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