When I switch to a full screen mode app in OS X Lion, it automatically switches to Desktop 1. I prefer to automatically switch back to the Desktop that I was in before I switched to the full screen app. I tried configuring the app for "All Desktops" and "None" by right clicking on the app in the Dock and choosing "Options". Both resulted in the same problem. Thanks!

  • When I turn an application to full screen, that application gets its own desktop, and I see that desktop, not the first desktop.
    – apaderno
    Sep 18, 2011 at 19:06

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You can't set it to go back to the last Desktop you were in, but you can set it to go to a specific Desktop when you exit full screen.

Just move the application in windowed mode to the desktop you want, right-click the app in the Dock and set to "This Desktop". Whenever you come out of full screen, it will always go into windowed mode in that particular desktop.

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