I'm using the Microsoft Outlook Office 365 desktop client for macOS, via my work computer. Version 16.58 currently.

When I receive a meeting invite, the option is checked on by default to "Email organizer" when responding to an event.

Maybe I don't fully grok the Outlook way of doing things, but I don't want to email the sender every time I accept an invite. It pollutes their inbox and my "Sent" folder.

But this checkbox is re-enabled for every new meeting invite I receive.

How can I set the default behavior to NOT "Email organizer" when I respond to an event?


Email organizer in Microsoft Outlook 365 for macOS

RSVP to this event
Optional message to organizer
Email organizer (slider/checkbox)
Accept | Tentative | Decline | Propose New Time

In previous versions of Outlook, this same behavior (?) may have been phrased:

Respond With Comments
Respond Without Comments
Do Not Send a Response


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