I used Finder on my Mac to back up an iPad (iPadOS 15) using USB-cable. Now I would like to get from that backup all the calendar events that are stored in a *.ics file. Is there a way to extract this soort of data from the local backup and without using iCloud services, Apple data request or third-party apps?

  • Does the .ics file already exist somewhere in the backup? You can experiment with the trial version of iExplorer to extract the file from the backup. I know this is a third-party app, but the trial version may do what you want.
    – IconDaemon
    Sep 26, 2021 at 23:44

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My copy of iMazing allows you to export calendar entries as .xls, .csv or .ics, readily.

I would guess, from that, calendar.app does not store calendar data in ICS natively. As ICS is a simple text file, and as such not a great way to store program data.

But like @IconDaemon indicated iExplorer (and iMazing) allow you to export calendar events without using iCloud.

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