So the problem started around a month back when I was prompted if I'd like to restart my mac to install system updates. I proceeded with the restart and apple's logo along with a loader appeared. By mistake I pressed some key and the process was interrupted. Ever since, I see there's a pending update that has been downloaded but the updates don't just install no matter how much I restart.

Also I see there are some updates downloaded in /Library/Updates but I'm unable to delete them or install them. pasting a tree of /Library/Updates

➜  Updates tree --du -h
├── [ 4.4G]  001-12343
├── [ 4.5G]  001-22626
├── [ 4.4G]  061-94457
├── [ 2.8G]  061-96003
├── [1.1M]  ProductMetadata.plist
└── [ 819]  index.plist

My main concern for now is to get rid of these update files which are taking almost 15 gigs out of the 110 available to me.


Open your terminal and enter softwareupdate -l to see the available updates. Use softwareupdate -i -a to download and install all available updates.

  • that helped, thanks
    – LucyDrops
    Sep 9 '20 at 12:37

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