I would like to export one particular email to .eml , so I can save it on my disk and then manually attach to another message.

I am aware of those two options:

  • export whole mailbox
  • forward email as attachment

Neither of them meet my requirements, and this seems like really basic functionality.


Actually that functionality is beyond simple. Drag the email from the Mail.app window to the desktop. When you reach the desktop the pointer then contains acircular green "+"

Drop the email there and you now have a single message as an .eml file

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    great, thanks a lot. simple, yet not enough intuitive (at least for me..) – Line Aug 28 at 20:08
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    Yah, Apple is famous for that kind of interface. We have all been victims of this kind of "non-discoverable" UI – Steve Chambers Aug 28 at 23:03

Harder way! If you know the contents of the mail search for it in ~/Library/Mail, and go to path like


V6 may be different for other versions of macOS or Mail. For partial emails, remote content might be needed to download first.

  • yeah... why would anyone want harder way? ;) besides, why .emlx, not .eml? – Line Aug 28 at 20:07
  • @Line If I hadn't written it there, you won't even comment. But it gives additional info. for example extracting all attachments is easier there than in UI. I dont know, raw vs export quality. Photos also distinguishes between JPG and JPEG while exporting unmodified original and otherwise. – ankii Aug 28 at 20:11

Apple Mail has this functionality. It is as simple as File > Save As > choose raw source for .eml format.

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