I’ve created a shortcut which should make GIF out of burst image but when I run a shortcut it crashes and doesn’t make GIF. Has anyone had the same problem? Here’s how my shortcut looks like:

Make GIG shortcut

iOS 12.4 / iPhone X

  • Ok, updated it to 0,2 seconds and turned infinite loop off, still same result. – Matija Kapić Aug 18 at 10:02
  • Try to get images using the photos API (I know it's a heavy word). and then pass it to the GIF making. See the shortcut I shared below. It worked for me. – ankii Aug 18 at 18:07

Looks like description of element “Get frames from image” is inaccurate in stating that it handles burst images. When I get different element which loads only latest burst the shortcut works properly with any setting in GIF conversion element.

  • How did you get the statement "this Shortcut accepts images" Can you share the shortcut ? – ankii Aug 18 at 10:07
  • icloud.com/shortcuts/8340fd4ea7864b12a20a87023edfad70 the works fine for me – ankii Aug 18 at 10:11
  • @ankiiiiiii click on toggles on top right at the screen and then you’ll see a menu item where you can choose which types of files shortcut will accept. – Matija Kapić Aug 18 at 14:48

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