I need ability to manage my apps but not the app Store. Can OS 10.13 be installed without installing iTunes 12.7. Where can I download OS 10.13 that does not include iTunes?. I will be installing on a Mac Book Pro - Mid 2014.

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You can install install iTunes 12.6.3 on top of / over iTunes 12.7 for all OS that support iTunes 12.7 and both are compatible with iOS 11.

Apple KB: Deploy apps in a business environment with iTunes

You need the direct link, it apparently does not appear as an update.
Mac link.
Windows 32 bit link.
Windows 64-bit Link.

If you've already been using 12.7 you may have luck importing your 12.7 lib to a clean 12.6.3 Library, as outlined on MacRumors, but I had no joy.

I ended up restoring a backup of my Library [just the catalog not all the tunes] from a time before i updated to 12.7.

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