My 32gb iPhone is irreversibly broken but I have an encrypted backup on iTunes (not iCloud). I want to load it onto my older 16gb iPhone but it's too large. I've found some software that lets you browse encrypted backup files but I need something that will let me browse it and delete large media files to slim it down to <16gb. Any suggestions?

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iMazing works with iOS 11 and allows you to slim down encrypted backups. You

With iMazing, your backups become fully editable, even if they are encrypted.

Advanced users enjoy a complete toolbox for browsing and editing backups.

  • Browse the file system of iTunes and iMazing backups

  • Extract any file or folder

  • Edit backup files, or add files to backups
  • Encrypted backups are fully supported (password required!)

I have used iMazing in the past and for full and partial restores of iPhones and iPads.


iBackupBot lets you open and modify iOS backups before restoring with iTunes. You can also use iBackupBot's built-in restore function to restore individual containers or other data without restoring the whole backup, but I haven't tested whether this still works iOS 11.

  • From what I know it cannot edit encrypted backups for restore later.
    – CyberMew
    Jul 8, 2018 at 16:41

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