Is there an convenient way for me to toggle VPN on or off in iOS 9.1 without navigating through the Settings screen each time?

Previously (on Android), I used an app to automate this based on my location and it was pretty reliable. Searching through the App Store, I am unable to find any advanced automation apps.

I have discovered FlipControlCenter which would place a convenient toggle button in the swipe up menu, however I'm currently running iOS 9.1 and would like to avoid jailbreaking if possible.

I am aware that some paid VPN services do have apps which can be launched and used to toggle VPN on or off, however I am running my own personal VPN service.


Try VPNOn (AppStore link). It has convenient toggles in Notification Center and Apple Watch.


use Launcher to add a link to Settings->VPN and many more to your Notification Center


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