I created a rule that applies a mint green color to a lot of emails in my mailbox. I no longer want that color on those emails and I do not see a way to remove this highlighting for even a single email. I know I could create a new rule to give them a different color, but there is no rule semantics for removing color either.

It seems that all of my email's subjects in Mac Mailbox are now permanently stained.

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    Right click remove styles I HAVE TO POST 30 CHAR IGNORE THIS LINE! – user154910 Oct 29 '15 at 15:16
  • @mandoza3 I don't see any "Remove styles" item in the contextual menu... I have Mail.app 9.3. – ceiling cat Apr 17 '16 at 7:51

Looks like you can do it by adding a new Rule [I haven't tested it, because I don't want to actually reset my own colours…]

Try setting Any condition > Every Message > Set Colour…

enter image description here

Note: the 'Other colour seems to depend on your current Colour choice in the Colours floater - Format > Show Colours…

enter image description here

You can do it manually, select one message, pick a colour - but it seems very hit & miss, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.


You can add a colors button to your toolbar. Right-click the top toolbar, click customize, then drag the colors button to your toolbar. Then you can select the messages and change the color.


My experience has been that rebuilding your mailbox will get rid of all coloring. However, this process will cause Mail to re-download all emails in that mailbox, which depending on the size of the mailbox may take a very long time and use up a lot of bandwidth.

If you’re on a metered connection, that could be a problem.


was facing the problem, but i cant the right way. so i just create a new rule and change all back to white by choosing other color

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