Yesterday, I started downloading XCode 5.1.1 from the App Store.

I have a very slow + limited bandwidth Internet connection. It took almost 5+ hours to download 1.6GB of data. It was really late in the night, and my new MBA had been up for over 7 hours, so I "paused" the download, shutdown the MBA, shut off my modem and went to bed.

After waking up today morning, I decided to resume the XCode 5.1.1 download from App store. I figured I just needed to download another 600 MB to complete the ~2.2 GB XCode 5.1.1 download. So, I switched on the modem, switched on the MBA, opened the App Store and went to my purchases. When I hit the "Resume" download button on XCode 5.1.1 (in App Store->Purchases), the App store asked me for my Apple ID and password. I entered it and then the App Store "restarted" the download!!! All of the 1.6GB part that I had downloaded yesterday night was GONE!!!

With my metered connection, the App store now says it will take another 11 hours to download the ~2.2GB of data it needs to install XCode 5.1.1 on my MBA.

Question: What gives? What happened to my 1.6GB of already downloaded data? Is the App Store going to trouble me like this all the time in the future?


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The PAUSED download is not the same as STOPPED.

You stopped the download (disconnected) so the temporary download file was deleted.

The resume function does not work for that.

  • Well ... so much for 2014! :) Apple still seems to be operating in 1914. ;-) Commented Jun 30, 2014 at 15:17

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