I like the Apple Earphones (the iPhone headphone with audio, mic and remote) but I hate to keep plugging it on and off my Macbook Air. So I heard the only way to fix that is to buy a USB headphone so you can switch it on and off through software. Problem is that I like my Apple Earphones and I want to keep using it but now through USB. Is there a USB adapter that will work with the Earphones, in other words, that will make both headphone and mic work at the same time for a phone conversation?


I'm not aware of a USB adapter that directly takes the 4-pin 3.5mm connector that the Apple headset uses, but you could combine one of the many USB adapters with an adapter cable like this. That will convert the 4-pin connector to the separate 3-pin stereo & microphone connectors that are standard on PCs and should work with any USB adapters with an in & out. You will likely lose the volume and clicker controls on the headset.


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