I like using dictation when I’m on my iPhone to speed up text entry but I have a problem when it comes to punctuation. I have been able to fire away at some things like saying “period” or “question mark” for the punctuation symbols period and the question mark respectively.

The answer to this question Is there a way to use punctuation in Siri dictation? uses third party Apps or answers about Mac dictation and not iPad’s. I want to use only iOS/iPadOS built-in tools.

Does anyone know of a list of these commands?

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Apple has an excellent support Document called Dictate text on iPhone that details this information.

The list of punctuation can be found under the last section of the linked page. Here, I’m listing just a few of the more obscure ones, see the link for the full list:

Add punctuation or format text

  • “open parenthesis” … “close parenthesis”
  • “quote” … “end quote” (I kept saying “quote sign” which didn’t work)
  • “caps on” … “caps off” to capitalize the first character of each word
  • “no caps on” … “no caps off” to make the enclosed words all lowercase
  • “no space” to eliminate the space between two words

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