I have a few NAS/UNRAID servers that I connected to from my macOS (Ventura) client over SMB, but I'm currently swapping over to NFS. From the command line, things are fine and work as expected.

However, on my Desktop, the custom icons I had for the shares/volumes are gone (replaced with the default), and I can't seem to put them back using the technique outlined here, for example.

I've tried ICNS & PNG files, and these worked just fine with SMB (and still do).

Are custom Volume icons not supported for NFS?

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I don't have Ventura installed, but these instructions seem to work on my version of macOS (High Sierra):

Change icons for files or folders on Mac

Which is also given as the answer to the following questions:

This would probably make your question a duplicate.

The instructions posted in you link do not seem to work well and might be outdated.

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    Hi, I'm not asking "how" to change the icon (which I would agree is a duplicate), but rather "why" doesn't it work with NFS? I'm doing what your links (and the one I've provided in the question) suggest. It works with SMB, but not NFS. Dec 15, 2022 at 16:38
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    I did not see where your link explained the use the Preview application to create an .icns file. I assumed your .icns files are not compatible with Ventura and new ones needed to be created. Dec 15, 2022 at 16:47

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