I have installed Xcode 12.2 from the App Store. (I am using Big Sur 11.0.1).

I would like to use the XVim2 plugin for Xcode. In order to use the the XVim2 plugin, the Xcode app must be re-signed with a self-signed certificate. Since, re-signing the app will replace the original signature, I would like to keep 2 copies of the Xcode app- the original one signed by Apple and a copy which has been re-signed by me.

I tried to copy the Xcode app by performing the following steps-

  • Open Finder and go to /Applications
  • Copy Xcode.app
  • Go to ~/Desktop and paste the app
  • Rename the Xcode.app file in Desktop to XcodeVim.app
  • Move the XcodeVim.app file to /Applications

After these steps, if I try to open the Xcode.app or the XcodeVim.app, the apps do not respond. The activity monitor shows that a process called XProtectService uses a lot of CPU when I try to open the apps.

Is there any way to copy the Xcode app which is installed from the App Store?

P.S.- I do not face this issue if I use the .xip file downloaded from https://developer.apple.com . I can make copies of the Xcode app and use them concurrently. However, I cannot use the .xip file from Apple Developer website as it does not support delta updates while App Store supports delta updates.

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It's possible that modifying Xcode in this way is triggering macOS's built-in security features.

However, there are two easy ways to make a copy of the original app.

  1. Compress the Xcode.app into a zip file.

  2. A copy of the original Xcode will be saved as part of your backup, which you are already maintaining for reasons that include restoring modified apps.

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