After upgrading to macOS Big Sur (11.0.1), the notification of new messages only shows contact number instead of contact names. I can see contact name, profile pics in my Messages.app and Contacts.app, just not in the Notification Center.

I have enabled messages in iCloud on both macOS and iOS.

Any suggestions?

  • Did you manage to solve this? I am having exactly the same issue. – Andrew Ho-Lee Nov 27 '20 at 22:08

I managed to fix this by going to System Preferences > Language & Region. I changed the default language from English (UK) to English (Canada) and quit System Preferences. I then changed the default back to English (UK) and then quit System Preferences again. I then restarted macOS.

I have absolutely no idea why that works. From the number of similar posts on the internet proposing different solutions, I suspect there are multiple possible issues leading to the same problem. However, this it worked for me on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1. Unfortunately I can't find the link describing this solution to give credit but if anyone does find it do link in.

Hope this helps you.

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