I randomly found a font called 'Baloo' in Font Book, yet I can't seem to find out how it's been installed.

When I click on one of it's variants in Font Book, it says that I need to 'download' the font, and presents me with a download button like the below.

The font doesn't appear to be in my library folder and I can't find the file for it anywhere else. Font Book also as greyed out the Show in Finder feature for this font.

I can use the font fine in any CreativeCloud program, but it doesn't appear to be an Adobe Font.

Does anyone know why this might have happened?

enter image description here

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Apple does provide additional fonts as optional installs that can be downloaded if you want. From the linked Apple Support document, Baloo is one of those.


If you have Creative Cloud, then you have access to Adobe's font library: CC apps can install any font for their own use directly from Adobe Fonts, independently of macOS's font management.

  • Ahh I see! Looks like it must have been since I installed Catalina then
    – user206728
    Commented Nov 18, 2020 at 10:16

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