My Mac decided to delete all but 19 fonts, which is fairly annoying. It didn't really delete them, as in I still have the original files in the /Library/Fonts folder, but they've disappeared from Font Book, so I can't use them.

Now, Apple says that you can select a folder to install all fonts in that folder, but when I try that, the spinning wheel (not the beach ball) comes up in the lower right hand corner for a few seconds and then leaves, without installing any fonts. The same thing happens if I use the + sign in the menu bar, select multiple, or if I try validating and then installing (actually, that installs one font).

Is there any way to mass-install these fonts or will I have to install them one by one?

System info: Mac OS X 10.5.8 running Font Book 2.1 (123).

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I'll bet you have a font corruption problem.

  1. Split the uninstalled fonts into two groups.
  2. Import the first group.
  3. Check to see if they imported successfully.
    • If yes, you know the problem is in the second group, so go to step #1.
    • If no, the second group might be okay, so try importing that.

And so on.

You should be able to narrow down the problem without having to import each font one at a time. But my guess is that one or more of your fonts is corrupted.

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    That's thinking like a programmer ;o) Feb 2, 2011 at 20:38

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