Previously, macOS using TextEdit and other apps allow blank documents to be edited and closing them without having to save the files, even for new files that were not giving a name yet.

I have to reinstall Catalina recently, and now, every time I close TextEdit it asks me to save or delete the file.

It appears TextEdit is not working normally anymore and there is no preference to adjust that.

This does not do the trick

defaults write com.apple.TextEdit ApplePersistence -bool yes

Any way to solve that?

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    Does it ask you to save or delete even when you've saved it? – Indiana Kernick Feb 26 at 3:00
  • yes, but if I am not wrong, it would save the file state automatically, even for not previously saved files. – Duck Feb 26 at 3:00
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    For files that you've opened and edited without saving, you can close the window and the document is saved automatically. Is that what you're experiencing? – Indiana Kernick Feb 26 at 3:03
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    Spacedog is referring to the document version history framework where all new empty documents get full save / version / undo before saving to the user visible part of the filesystem. apple.stackexchange.com/questions/313102/… – bmike Feb 26 at 3:05
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    Try the command defaults read com.apple.TextEdit in terminal. Does it have the key ApplePersistenceIgnoreState, and is it set to true or false? – Ted Wrigley Feb 26 at 3:12

Found the culprit. This box was turned on.

enter image description here

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