I'm looking for an app that is fully Open Source OR built-in to MacOS as I am trying to use this for security / privacy (to ensure that particular apps cannot make arbitrary connections)

  • I have looked into things like the built in app sandboxing via sandbox-exec which seems promising, but super hard to find documentation and I haven't seen an example that forces networking through a proxy / port.

  • Also socketfilterfw which seems to only control inbound connections.

  • pfctl seemed promising, but too low-level, I can't see how to isolate an entire app reliably.
  • I just found TSocks which looks great, but doesn't seem to be maintained. Was rejected 9 years ago from homebrew for this reason.

VMs are too heavy for my use case.

I believe some refer to this as an "App Firewall", but the built-in MacOS AppFirewall doesn't support this use.

I saw this question "Is it possible to have per-app network/vpn/proxy settings" but the answers are 7 years old and include closed-source software like ProxyCap.


I have looked into things like the built in app sandboxing via sandbox-exec which seems promising

sandbox-exec (deprecated, according to its man-page) is a utility of restriction framework with allow-deny semantics meaning it won't help you to change an app to bind a specific IP-address only (which later could be used together with Pf).

There's a similar post where it's been claimed to be solved with Network Kernel Extensions but source hasn't been shared.

I just found TSocks which looks great

tsocks (even if was available) relies on LD_PRELOAD mechanism which isn't really bullet-proof because it's based on pre-loading of shared library which would further tamper libc calls. Of course, together with sandbox it could be more-or-less secured of leaks, but in general it's too much tinkering. Network Kernel Extensions look more promising, as to me.

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