I'm using a Mac, I have the corporate VPN turned on (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client)

In the Proxies tab of System Preferences I have "Proxy Configuration File" enabled with the URL (http://proxyaddress:portnumber)

I can connect to the internet via chrome browser fine, but my terminal has no internet access.

Is there a way for me to declare the Proxy Configuration File URL in Terminal, so I can connect terminal to the internet while the VPN is turned on?

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Unfortunately, you can’t.

Terminal is not a “network connected” application. It is nothing more than a portal into the OS that allows you to enter and execute commands. It’s the command(s) themselves that need to be able to utilize a proxy.

For example, you can’t ping or traceroute through a proxy; those commands will fail. However, curl has the ability to specify a proxy with the flag —-proxy <[protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]>

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