(This is similar to a question I asked in 2014 but I'm hoping there are better options available now, plus we have to take the lack of 32-bit apps into consideration now.)

QuickTime 7 will no longer work in macOS 15 "Catalina" so the time has come to find an alternative.

Playback is no problem, as there are many apps that can playback videos in more formats than QuickTime 7 could.

However, one of the best features of QuickTime 7 "Pro" was that it was able to make simple edits to video files (not just trimming from the start or end, which is all QuickTime X can do).

It also did so without re-encoding the videos, at least for .mov files.

I'm hoping to find GUI app options, rather than, say, some kind of magical ffmpeg invocation. Bonus points for being easy to use and not having an atrocious UI, but at this point I'm open to just about anything.


I am not sure if it is allowed and wanted to mention our product, nessViewer, which have the feature you requested.

Please note that we are the distributer of this application - it is commercial and costs 19.90 Euro.

The video editing is very near to the old style - which means that you select the start point, via shift pressed the end point, and then remove the selected video frames. This works on any part of the video and multiple times.

Beside this simple editing, the application allows it to join multiple videos (copy & paste does not work), rotate and flip, and to change the size of the video (e.g. to fade out black beams on top and below).

The application is signed, and certified by Apple (notarization). We have tested it on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and have not found any problem so far.

One last info: this application is a collection of many features - not just video playback and editing. So at the beginning, it might need some time to learn how to handle all these features. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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