I'm thinking of "cutting the cord" and getting an Apple TV, and then buying an iTunes "season pass" for each of the TV shows I'm watching.

Does Apple TV provide a good way to list/find the episodes that I haven't watched yet, without having to wade through all the series, seasons, and episodes that I've already watched? As time goes on, it seems like there would be a build-up of watched shows that would make it harder and harder to find the unwatched ones.

Apparently Hulu has a feature like this called "watchlist", but I can't find any information on a similar feature for shows purchased a-la-carte from Apple. The closest I've seen is that you can apparently hide past purchases.

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Apple TV used to have a feature that let you see a list of unwatched shows. Unfortunately, no more.

Just create a smart playlist with the criterion of "plays" equals zero, or less than 1.

  • My answer was edited without my knowledge or permission. In short, Apple designs user interfaces in a way that requires no approvals, checks, or tests—it was set up that way by Steve Jobs before he died and he explained his rationale at a WWDC.
    – Guest
    Oct 22, 2017 at 0:13

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