A powerful and free keyboard customizing utility for macOS. Previously known as KeyRemap4MacBook


Known as Karabiner-Elements as of v11.0+ due to compatibility issues with High Sierra, is free, open software to customize they keyboard on macOS.

It was previously known as Karabiner as of version 9.3 and called KeyRemap4MacBook.Keyand prior to that.


Karabiner-Elements allows users to do...

  • Simple Modifications: Map normal keys to arbitrary key functions.
  • Complex Modifications: Map keys by complex rules. e.g., key to modifiers, modifiers+key to key, send key event if pressed alone, etc.
  • Function Keys: Map function keys to arbitrary key functions.
  • Devices: Apply modifications to specified keyboards only.
  • Profiles: Support the creation of multiple profiles that the user can switch between.
  • Modifier Flag Sync: Synchronize modifier flags across all connected keyboards.
  • Secure Keyboard Entry Support: Work well on Secure Keyboard Entry environment such as a password prompt, terminal with Secure Keyboard Entry, etc.


Use this tag when specifically asking about Karabiner specific questions. Keep in mind there are alternate way to remap or customize a keyboard without the use of Karabiner.

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