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Rosetta 2 refers to the Rosetta Translation Environment run in Mac OS X for Apple silicon that allows Apple silicon Macs to run code compiled for x86_64 (Intel) Macs.

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Trying to assemble and run x86_64 assembly on M1

For a university course i need to use x86_64 assembly (AT&T syntax) and I was wondering if there is a way to run this through rosetta 2. So far I've set the OG terminal to run through Rosetta 2, ...
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How to install Rosetta 2 manually? [duplicate]

Rosetta installation dialog is shown when install application which needs Rosetta to run. But how can I install Rosetta without such an application? Rosetta is not available in App Store.
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Why does macOS say Carrot Weather needs Rosetta when opening WhatsApp?

I'm setting up a new MBP 14" M2, freshly updated to macOS 13.2. I've installed a bunch of apps, including both Carrot Weather and WhatsApp, both from the App Store. When I startup WhatsApp is ...
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Drawbacks to apply Rosetta to all apps

On Macbooks with M1 chip (arm64) , Rosetta2 is a translator from Intel x86 to M1 silicon chip. In order to install Rosetta on your Macbook, enter in the Terminal softwareupdate --install-rosetta When ...
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Can't duplicate apps from Apple (like Terminal.App) in macOS 13

I am using conda a lot and for some packages and environments I need x86_64 architecture. I did this by duplicating my and starting one duplicate with Rosetta (as described here: https://...
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What is `oahd-helper` and why is it eating my CPU?

I noticed today that when changing SIP mode (either enabling or disabling), upon reboot my macOS Monterey CPU usage is heavily consumed by a series of oahd and oahd-helper processes. Researching ...
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Issue with Rosetta 2 installation

I tried to install Rosetta 2 I got the following message: softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license By using the agreetolicense option, you are agreeing that you have run this tool with the ...
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Disable automatic Rosetta translation for `.pkg` applications

When I'm installing Microsoft Office for Mac (universal), the installer hangs at the end. Checking the logs, I see that it's because oahd is translating the Intel part. I do not use any plugins, so I ...
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How can I run a script in Rosetta from terminal on M1 Mac? [duplicate]

How can I run a shell/bash/zsh script in Rosetta from Terminal without having the Terminal being opened in Rosetta?
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How to determine the architecture of running process from the command line

I would like to get the architecture of running processes from the command line (similarly to the "Kind" column in the Activity Monitor).
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What is the 'CarbonComponentScannerXPC' process? Do I have a way to remove it?

I am using a m1 MacBook Pro and do not want any intel applications. Therefore all apps I install are either universal or plain arm64. But rosetta2 is still activated because ms office 2019 which ...
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Apple Silicon: /usr/bin/mandoc: Bad CPU type in executable

I recently upgraded from an Intel Mac to an Apple Silicon Mac. When running man ssh then hitting Q in Terminal it throws the following error: sh: /usr/bin/mandoc: Bad CPU type in executable My guess ...
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Playing League of Legends on an external monitor with Apple silicon (display glitchiness)

I just bought myself a 14" MacBook Pro (M1 Pro), which I use as my personal computer, including for casually playing League of Legends (a popular MOBA game). I am connected to an external display ...
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How to tell if M1 Mac has Rosetta installed?

I am trying to run only native software. So I would like to be able to monitor whether Rosetta 2 is available or not. I am not asking if Rosetta 2 is running. I am asking if Rosetta 2 is present, is ...
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How can I limit the disk usage of the Rosetta 2 oah cache?

On macOS 11, Rosetta2 apparently caches translated programs and shared libraries under /var/db/oah. On an M1-based CI instance where we are testing per-commit-novel x86_64 binaries under Rosetta2, ...
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Conditionally run program using Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac

Is it possible to start a program using the command line in a way that has it run by Rosetta 2, without having the application setting that forces the program to always be running under Rosetta 2. e.g....
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How am I running x86_64 programs without arch on Apple Silicon?

Background After getting an M1 MacBook Air, I wanted to install some command-line packages. Following this blog post, I duplicated and set it to run with Rosetta. Using this x86_64 ...
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Copy of Terminal app is removed after each restart

I'm using a M1 Mac Mini and have created a duplicate of the Terminal app called "Rosetta Terminal" that runs Rosetta. Each time I restart/update my computer this duplicate is removed from ...
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Tell if running process is running under Rosetta or is M1-native by Command Line

If you have an M1-based Macbook you can tell if a process running on the machine is Apple/M1 or Intel/Rosetta in Activity Monitor, but is there a way to get this information on the command line? I'd ...
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Does MacOS on M1 prioritise arm binaries later on path?

I'm trying to nix my new M1 Mac with home-manager and I'm thinking I might wanna skip xcode devtools altogether. I've installed nix and home-manager and built a generation with git, but: viktor@...
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Run everything in Rosetta 2 on Silicon Mac

I've recently started using a Silicon MacBook Pro 13 (i.e. one with non-Intel processor). I have found installing some software difficult, for example installing Python through Homebrew and installing ...
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Open with Rosetta not available

I've just downloaded Visual Studio Code ( 1.51.1 ) on an Apple Silicon MBP. I downloaded the Intel version (the ARM version is still in dev I think) assuming that I would have to right click and ...
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How does Rosetta 2 work?

I'd love to understand more about how Rosetta 2 works. The Apple Developer article is brief. Has anyone done a deep analysis on how Rosetta 2 works, how it is invoked and whether it's possible to use ...
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Rosetta 2 installation on M1 MBP fails

I'm trying to install rosetta 2 via command line, using this command: /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta Source:
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Can an application that requires JRE 6 run in Rosetta 2?

I have an application I'd like to run on a new MacBook Air that has as one of its requirements installing Apple JRE 6. Prior to Apple Silicon, this would've been as simple as installing it from Apple'...
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