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The fish shell is an alternate shell for *nix systems (including macOS). Its claims to fame include enhanced syntax highlighting, completion (with autosuggestions) and high performance. (wiki copied from SO)

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Change sudo prompt in macos

I am trying to change the default sudo prompt that is used in macos to match what I am used to in linux. I want to know that I am expected to put my sudo password and not some other password. I tried ...
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iTerm2 - Split and connect to same host

When splitting with Cmd+D, is it possible to have iTerm2 SSH to the same host as the previous pane? I'm looking for an option like is mentioned in the post iTerm2 - Split vertically with current ...
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iTerm2 clear screen except actual command

In iTerm2 cmd + K clears the complete screen. Is there a way to use this during a running command, so that everything gets delete except the current command and it's output?
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VS Code doesn't find fish if called via Automator

I've using /usr/local/bin/fish as my default shell, which works fine both in Terminal and in the Terminal within VS Code. I was recently trying to add an Automator action to open VS Code from a given ...
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How to get history command in fish shell to work?

On one of my Macs, the history command in the fish shell doesn't seem to be working, it does nothing: ~> echo foo ~> echo bar ~> history ~> On another, both running Big Sur, it works fine,...
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How can I script moving files up one directory level with Terminal (or BBEdit worksheet)

When exporting from with settings that preserve the album & folder structure, every album folder contains dated folders for every date represented in that album, with the actual images ...
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Setting nano as default editor not working for crontab with fish shell

I want to set nano as default editor for crontab on my Mac. This works: VISUAL=nano crontab -e but this don't work set -U VISUAL nano crontab -e here still vim is used as default editor ECHO $VISUAL ...
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Proliferation of unknown bash processes when invoking ps

I'm having some very strange behavior in my shell that I don't even begin to understand. I apologize for being somewhat lost, but I can't seem to turn up many obvious answers in a web search. I'm ...
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How to change terminal folder font color

I use terminal with the fish shell. I played the themes and colors in fish_config as well as the ANSI colors in the terminal preferences. Nothing I do can change the folder font colors. How do I get ...
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Errors from whatis command. Unable to rebuild database with makewhatis?

How can I update the whatis database? $ sudo /usr/libexec/makewhatis Password: makewhatis: /usr/share/man/whatis.tmp: Read-only file system I believe being able to update this database will solve ...
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Set sshd to serve different shell based on `host`

I want my local sshd to serve different shell, based on the host. Example: ssh user@hostname1 -> get's bash ssh user@hostname2 -> get's fish Is it possible, and if so, how can it be done?
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What's the fish shell equivalent to `set -o vi` to get vi/vim key bindings to access command history and edit?

I'm one of the "cursed ones" that got their start in vi instead of emacs so the shell editing commands I am used to are set in bash with set -o vi but this doesn't work in the fish shell. How can I ...
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