There used to be an easy way to remap caps lock to escape in older versions, and in fact that setting remained for the keyboards I had used prior to upgrading to Ventura. Now I need to enable this setting on a new keyboard. Where has it moved to?

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It's under System Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts... -> Modifier Keys

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I was in a similar situation but needed to remap it to shift. Let me paraphrase my answer for "Switch the keys caps lock and shift" (SuperUser).

Unfortunately, left Shift isn't listed as per the conventional way, the other keys are. See it at System Preferences->Keyboard, then select the "Modifier Keys" button.

conventional way in settings show other keys of remapping, not shift

Karabiner-Elements is excellent and I'm using it for a few months after it fixed my issue. Follow the basic instructions listed for installing it on their repo page. As of Aug 2023, it supports macOS 11 Big Sur and above.

Remapping is as simple as heading over to "Simple Modifications"->"For all devices"->"Add item". Both Caps Lock and left Shift as listed under "Modifier keys" in the dropdown menu.


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