I started a new sheet using the "Simple Budget" template on the Mac. I edited the text values of the cells and changed the numbers' column format to be just Number.

All good but when I created a formula I noticed that some of the cells have a title or label, I assume pre-existing in the template. So for example, my formula is

=B3 * B2 / 100

but what I get is actually

=Income::B3 * B2 / 100

The text "Income" is nowhere (that I can see) in my current spreadsheet, and I can't find a way to edit this cell label or title, where do I change that?

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Figured it out.

My formula gets the table title when I reference a cell from an external table in a formula. Table titles were not visible (Table Options > activate Title to see it) and that table was called Income, thus the reference in my formula.

I see now that I can change the title of the table, and that reference will always be there if I call a cell in a formula inside another table.

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