My Activity Monitor is showing that something is downloading, I can the download activity on the graph and the overall speed is shown as 'Data received/sec. But I'm stuck trying to figure out which process it is that's using the network?

I can sort by 'Rcvd Bytes' or 'Rcvd Packets', but those would seem to be cumulative totals. Isn't there some kind of '% Network' column??

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Activity Monitor is, as you have discovered, very limited outside the CPU and memory tabs.

For a GUI application (with free trial period) you can use:

  • One of the many menubar "show stats" apps. iStat Menus is the best.
  • A firewall tool which includes network monitoring. LittleSnitch is the most popular and arguably the best.

If you are prepared for a very difficult to use Terminal command, you can use nettop which is included with macOS. I find it hard to recommend.

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