I am using a Logitech K380 keyboard with my MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) running macOS Big Sur 11.6.

When I hold down the Function (fn) key while pressing the delete key on the built-in keyboard of the MacBook Pro, I get forward-delete action. That is, characters to the right (trailing) of the insertion point are removed.

On the K380, holding the Function (fn) key has no effect on the delete key. Characters to the left (leading) are always removed.

Why the difference is behavior? Is there a way to make get forward-delete with the K380? However, I would prefer not to install any software Logitech.

I tried this Firmware Update Tool. But it does not recognize my keyboard.


Fn/keypress combinations are combined in the keyboard before being sent to the computer.

Windows uses these Fn combos in a completely different way to Mac. Testing on a Logitech K830, Fn/Backspace actually sends what the Mac reads as F13.

On the upside, the keyboard has a dedicated Del key right above the Backspace key.

I suppose you could try Ukelele or even Karabiner to remap this - I have little to no experience with either.

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    You mention of Del key above Backspace key confused me, as mine K380 has only a delete, and above that is a triangle with line under it, for ejecting CD-ROM disk (as I recall). So I dug around on the interwebs. Logitech must have released different versions or editions of the K380. I found pictures of at least three different layouts. Now Logitech.com has this image clearly showing a del key above a back key. Oct 12 at 2:03

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