For years I've been using a keymap (IIRC carried over from Visual Studio circa 2005) where F5 is the same key for "debug..." and "resume program". However while setting up my latest installation on macOS, setting both actions to F5 only brings up the "debug..." menu instead of resuming the program. How can I configure pycharm to use the same key for "debug..." when no program is running and "resume program" when a program is running?

Is there an existing keymap that has this set? I can't seem to find the built-in or downloaded keymap I was using on my previous setup but I don't think I customized any of the mappings. Pycharm version 2021.2.2 Professional.

  • Which version of macOS and pecharm are you running?
    – nohillside
    Oct 7, 2021 at 6:21

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I discovered the answer by accident. It turns out that if you assign F5 to Resume Program, by default it brings up the same menu as debug.... My issue was that by assigning both to F5, the Resume Program function was being overridden while in a debug or run state.

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