I have had no problems with Safari until recently on my home Mac. The identical Mac at the office does not suffer this error messageAttempts to visit certain websites ( banks, etc.) produce the error:

enter image description here

Home Depot:

enter image description here

Google returns articles and videos that suggest toggling settings or clearing caches (this does not work, nor did I expect it to), however, they do not provide for diagnosing the root cause of the problem with a procedure and a "litmus test" (observable evidence confirming root cause). An example:


Is there a procedure to diagnose confirm that there is not a problem with the version of Safari and that there is something I did to put Safari in its current state?

  • This happened to me after one of the security updates on Catalina (I'm behind one version). On many well known sites, the pages would repeatedly reload until the error message appeared. @btf reinstall suggestion fixed it for me. If anyone is curious, my log is filled with grumbles about StagedFrameworks/Safari.
    – Hbar
    Oct 1, 2021 at 13:47

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Reinstalling Safari 15.0 solved this problem for me:


The link to download the .pkg to reinstall is:


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