For incoming calls that are not in address book automatically answer phone call call with configured voice menu, like:

  • "Hello I am voice assistant"
  • "What is your name?" and try to speech-to-text into recoding title
  • "What is birthday" to give some quick passthrough code

iPhone (with iOS 14) can auto answer or block calls, but I'd like to autoanswer/block more wisely.

Is there iOS app, service or feature that would manage incoming calls and give unknown caller a voice menu?

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iOS does not provide this functionality itself, and apps on the App Store are unable to do so.

Apple's CallKit framework provides functionality for apps to block callers:

Apps can create a Call Directory app extension to identify and block incoming callers by their phone number.

Apps are unable to answer calls, so none of your desired functionality is possible.

If your device is jailbroken, AnsweringMachine XS can provide some call screening functionality, but it requires you to manually listen to the caller.

  • Call-Screening. Listen to what the remote party is saying while leaving voicemail without answering the call!
  • OK, not possible as there no (public) APIs yet Commented Aug 13, 2021 at 11:48

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