I used to use auth sufficient pam_tid.so in the /private/etc/pam.d/sudo file to allow fingerprint authentification when using sudo command.

Recently upgraded my NBP for a new M1 under MacOs BigSur (11.1), and the change still works.

However, suddenly, this stopped working. Intead of asking for fingerprint, it asks me for password in the GUI (not in the terminal).

After digging around, I did a MacOS recovery install and it resolved the problem.

Today, the problem appears again but the recovery install didn't fix it.

Has anybody an idea on what's going wrong ?


  • I just discovered that this only happens when my MBP is docked to my docking station with 4 external screens and hard drive. I need to understand what is causing this issue, I guess this may be related to the display link USB video driver.




Answer received from DisplayLink Support:

Unfortunately we are aware of this problem but this is one of our driver limitations. At the moment we are unable to change it as it happens due to the way MacOS is treating our application/driver. In order to change that we would need Apple to change some options in their OS. I believe that in the future we will be able to resolve such issues but for now there is nothing that I can propose.

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