I've been using Quicktime 7's "Movie to Image Sequence" and "Open Image Sequence" export and import options forever. It's useful for creating and working with time-lapses, modifying a single frame or a couple of frames in a video, creating short animated gifs, etc.

Unfortunately Quicktime 7 is 32-bit, so once I upgrade to Catalina it will be gone forever. I'd like a recommendation for a 64-bit app with similar features: the ability to export every frame of a movie to a sequence of still images, and construct a new movie at a specified frame rate from a set of still images.

Is there any good replacement for this Quicktime 7 feature? Free is optimal but not necessary.

  • Sometimes I wish >5 tags were allowed.. software-rec, video editing, images and macOS missing it seems. – anki Oct 11 '19 at 21:10

The Command Line Tool FFmpeg can be used to create videos from images:

How to create a video from images with FFmpeg?

How to create a video from images using FFmpeg?

I look forward to other answers with 64-bit GUI tools.

  • I could live with that. Can FFmpeg go the other way (extract every frame from a video)? – Robert Oct 12 '19 at 5:57

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