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Payment processing changes for NZD and AUD currencies. February 1, 2019 As of February 1, 2019, all payments into bank accounts in New Zealand and Australia will be wire transfers.

You may need to update your banking information in iTunes Connect to ensure your bank details are valid for receiving wire transfers. Consult with your bank to avoid interruptions to your February payment processing.

In addition, the minimum monthly threshold for receiving a wire transfer is the equivalent of $150 USD.

So as a NZ apple developer, why? I'm now being charged an international processing fee. Any advice for limiting my payments or getting around this charge? Thanks

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It is likely Apple's options for smaller transfers are being limited by local banking laws. What remains are the expensive SWIFT transfers you are being offered.

Banking Sector Changes

During the last few years, money transfer organisations have stopped operating or servicing Australia because of new legislation:

Let Apple Know

Please contact Apple Developer and let them know this is a problem. Every piece of feedback is helpful.


No-one except Apple can tell you why they have chosen to change their policy. There can be many reasons for that.

Regarding limiting the payments: Apple automatically limits payments so that the minimum per wire transfer is $150 USD. If a single month doesn't result in $150, it is carried over to the next month, and so forth.

In regards to fees - you'll have to ask your bank for a discounted plan.

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