A normal Finder window used to open when I pressed Option + Command + Spacebar but not its a Search window. I know this happened once and I found how to fix it but I can't find it anymore.

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    Command + Option + T makes the sidebar appear again – PsaeBrail May 15 at 22:26

look in system preferences > keyboard > shortcuts pick spotlight. see Show Finder search window. maybe it got unchecked?

enter image description here

  • It's checked. The finder window pops up but it doesn't have the left sidebar its shows "Searching This Mac" with a search bar – PsaeBrail May 15 at 22:21
  • The question asks how to toggle Finder from "Search this Mac" mode to regular folder browsing mode. The shortcut to launch Finder is working for them, it's just that Finder is not launching in the desired mode. – Robino Sep 3 at 11:20

I found a solution to the issue. OptCmdSpace has always been a command for showing a "finder search window". If you now just see a window without the sidebar just do this:

  • press OptCmdSpace To open this window
  • Press OptCmdT or go to "view>hide toolbar".

Sometimes we just press it accidentally and this hides the toolbar, which makes this searching window into a "normal finder window".

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