I'd like to change this chart

enter image description here

to the following one:

enter image description here

So, I'd like to reverse the order of rows. According to an answer on a similar question, you need to create a formula and put it in each cell manually to have this result. But is that really the only way to do this (rather simple) change? I have 3 charts I'd like to reverse and each of them has 3-5 columns and more than 400 rows. So, to put a formula in every single cell certainly is quite time-consuming (to say the least).

Btw., the numbers in every cell are supposed to be placeholders for words. So, selecting 2 cells in a column and dragging the window down won't work.

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It seems I've finally figured it out. You need to number all your rows and then select the column which contains these numbers in the organize/sort sidebar. Finally, you choose increasing or decreasing to reverse the rows. This order remains even if you delete the column with the numbers.

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